Installing SCCM

Last week I was able to configure and setup System Center Configuration Manager SCCM at work. Here is a good online guide incase anyone wants to know what is involved:

I would have to say a multi-site SCCM configuration is a beast compared to Lync to setup. You need to follow a guide to the T when installing, otherwise it is really hard to troubleshoot. The most important parts to remember on both site and secondard site servers is IIS, WSUS, WEBDAV, BITS, Remote Compression. Configuring WEBDAV is not hard but it has to be perfect or else you will end up chasing your own tail later. The Microsoft installer for SCCM does not check these components during the pre-check, so this is why I bring it up.

Anyways Deploying software packages and updates for now, later I’ll have to figure out the rest of SCCM and the other modules that fit in.


About Paul Cardelli, CISSP
Cyber Security Analyst, and computer guru

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