Testing Branch Network Bandwidth

Now it is easy to run a speedtest against your internet connection, but what if you want to test the speed between two branch offices.

The solution is iPerf.exe. A simple commandline tool you can setup on your windows servers and run speeptests to ensure you are getting what your paying for from your provider.

You can download the current version here:

On the server run:
iperf.exe -s

On the Client run:
iperf.exe -c x.x.x.x

Where x.x.x.x equals the IP address of your server. Check out the link above for more information and sample input. I’m planning to add a custom action to my Lansweeper deployment, when I get a chance to think it through, but command tools like these make for great custom scripts and actions for other plugins.


About Paul Cardelli, CISSP
Cyber Security Analyst, and computer guru

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