Resizing NetApp SnapMirror Target Volumes

Now I found that there are many ways to do this, and for the most part it can get pretty complicated. Here is a simple and effective way to ensure that your target volume is large enough for your source volume to SnapMirror to.

The basic size requirement for snapmirror is that the target volume is equal or greater then the source volume. So if you are planning on growing that volume in the future and you already have plenty of space in the aggregate then you could just increase it to what ever you want as long as it is equal and greater then the source volume.

Here are the commands you will want to run on the source to make sure you understand the size of the source volume

FILERSOURCE1> vol size volumename

This should return the size of your volume

Next you will want to do the same on the target volume so you will know the minimum you will need to .

FILERTARGET1> vol size volumename

Now you will need to break the snapmirror

FILERTARGET1> snapmirror break volumename

Then turn off fs_size_fixed

FILERTARGET1> vol options volumename fs_size_fixed off

Here is the command to resize the volume. Note: this is how much you want to add to the volume.

FILERTARGET1> vol size volumename +25g

Turn fs_size_fixed on

FILERTARGET1> vol options volumename fs_size_fixed on

Resync Snapmirror

FILERTARGET1> snapmirror resync FILERSOURCE1:volumename FILERTARGET1:volumename

For resizing the source volume you can disregard the snapmirror commands but otherwise it is pretty much the same. I would recommend you increase the size on the snapmirror target before you increase the size on your source, your eventlog will thank me.


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One Response to Resizing NetApp SnapMirror Target Volumes

  1. Hi, Thanks for the post, very usefull. However when i tried to do it it i needed to do
    snapmirror resync -S FILERSOURCE1:volumename FILERTARGET1:volumename (missing the -S above)

    Thanks for the post ! Helped a lot !

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