Getting MS stuff to work on Ubuntu

This week my personal goal is to find ways to make Microsoft stuff work in Ubuntu. So here are a few projects I have noted and will try to post my progress.

Why is this compatibility so important?

For one, most people use Microsoft Windows, and in order to get more people to use Linux as an OS you have to find workarounds and ways to make the transition smoother, and to allow these new users of Linux to continue to work with their non-linux peers.

Second, if you are a developer you would like to know how to check your code and see what it looks like for your target audience, in this case I would recommend installing Virtual Box with a windows VM.

Some packages and projects that make this transition easier:

wine – This allows you to run some windows programs in windows

likewise open – allows you to join a windows domain with ease and if you want GPOs then look into likewise enterprise.

moonlight – open source port of Silverlight

The Mono Project – allows cross-platform compatibility of .Net framework

VLC Player – allows you to play multiple video audio file formats

Check out the

After completing the commands at the above link to enable the mediabuntu then install

sudo apt-get install gecko-mediaplayer

Final as a last resort use Virtual Box and create a windows VM on your ubuntu machine, you can even use seemless mode to make it look like the widows apps are on your ubuntu desktop.


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One Response to Getting MS stuff to work on Ubuntu

  1. NovaSam says:

    Here is a good article on Virtualbox for linux, although I would install the current available version and not the one provided by Ubuntu repositories.

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