Testing your Exchange Server Using Telnet

Very usefull, when testing SMTP connectivity, found that it still works with Exchange 2007.

Windows Vista/7 you need to install Telnet, or use putty

telnet ExchangeServer 25

Then Enter this command

helo DomainName<ENTER>


205 OK

Enter the following

mail from: YourSourceEmail@domain.com<ENTER>


250 OK - mail from YourSourceEmail@domain.com

Enter the following

rcpt to: RecipientEmail@domain.com<ENTER>

Response should be the following:

250 OK - Recipient RecipientEmail@domain.com

Enter the following:

data <ENTER>


354 Send data.  End with CRLF.CRLF

Enter the following

To: <recipient's display name><enter>
From: <your display name><enter>
Subject: <Subject field of Email message><enter>
<Enter you body text><enter><enter> . <enter>


250 OK

at this point an e-mail should be sent you your destination address.


About Paul Cardelli, CISSP
Cyber Security Analyst, and computer guru

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