Windows Computer Power Configurations GPO

This one seems to be a moving target for most so I’ll post a Microsft KB for XP and some additional info for 2008 domains:

Windows XP – The meat and potatos of this KB is to give permissions to two registery keys to your users so your login scrip with work. If you take a look at the key in regedit you may get your own ideas on how to fix them, but just be careful and make backups and test your settings.

 Windows XP/Vista/7 On 2008 Domains – the easy GPO setting

There is a new section of the GPO introduced in 2008 Domains when managing with a Vista or Windows 7 machine called Preferences, Control Panel Settings, here you will find it even easier to manage those pesky power settings and even configure new custom ones if you would like, and of course set which one is active.


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