Lansweeper – Network Auditing and mangement

I like to call Lansweeper the google search of network management. The ease of setting up custom remote actions on the system, is by far the best part of this very useful utility. Also I should metion the price is low, free even for those light users. When I first tried the free version, I was so impressed I spent the little extra to go pro. Now the price is a little higher now then when I first started just using it over a year ago, but I’m sure you will find it worth more then you pay for.

I should also add that if you want to create custom reports about your network and have them e-mailed to you every morning, this is the tool for you.

The user forum is useful as well, it almost has the feeling of Open Source because everyone has some bit of code to help add some value to the program.

When you pay for the pro version you gain access to what I like to call the Lansweeper Tool Suite – many helpful tools that help you to remotely manage your computers and network devices.


About Paul Cardelli, CISSP
Cyber Security Analyst, and computer guru

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