Using Robocopy to Migrate Windows Shares to NetApp

Recently at work we installed a new NetApp FAS2020 and after playing with CIFs share found that it would be great, but one problem held us back, file permissions on thousands of files, as well as Modify Date/Time information would be lost in a simple file copy. Not so with robocopy. The “/copyall” switch ensures that all file info is copied including permissions (ACLs). There are many options to execute robocopy. I ran the following in syntax in a bat file which output a log file. I ran one of these for each share, and was able to look through the log file to see if any files were missed.

robocopy "\\UNC\PATH\To\SOURCE" "\\UNC\PATH\TO\DESTINATION\"  /E /copyall /R:1 /W:3 /v /log:C:\log.txt



About Paul Cardelli, CISSP
Cyber Security Analyst, and computer guru

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